Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cup Cake holders for lunches

I receive a cupcake of the week newsletter from Taste of Home. At the bottom of the newsletter there was a question about transporting cupcakes in childrens lunches. I went to the form and read some of them and came across this one and thought it was a great idea. The site is called Cup-A-Cake they have invented a container to transport the cupcake in. Great idea.


Adam said...

Hmm that's kinda neat. It creates a cupcake force field. They should make them child proof... now that would be hilarious :)

Rosanne said...

it is a neat holder, and I've checked out taste of home too!

Steph said...

That's kind of cool, I saw that somewhere, but I fotgot where. Cupcakes don't usually last that long in my house though!

Hendria said...

adam....LOL>>>>that is to funny..

rosanne....great, always good to network... :)

step.... I thought they were a handy holder ... :)


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