Monday, May 12, 2008

My Mother's Day Gift

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I spent Saturday with my daughter. It was a really nice day, we went to the farmers market to get meat at Rudy's. I am going to features different farmers markets we visit. So you can look forward to that coming I hope this week. We took some pictures with the new camera the kids bought me for Mother's Day, Nikon D40.
I bought the zoom lens 70-300mm. AF-S VR Lens. This week I will be adding more photos to our photo blog. In getting the camera I have a real appreciation for people that take bird pictures. They are not easy to get photos of. You get it just about set and they fly to another part of the tree, it takes a lot of patience, I will have to work on that part.


R said...

you will be able to take some amazing pics with your new equipment

Hendria said...

r...the camera is so takes nice pictures... :)
thanks for the comment

Clumbsy Cookie said...

What a great present! Have lots of fun with it Hendria!

Hendria said...

clumbsy cookie.....I was very surprised that is for sure...Thanks for the comment... :)


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