Sunday, September 2, 2007

My Latest Cookbook Finds

Country Cooking: is A Canadian Collection of Favorite Home Tested Recipes it was published in 1996. I found the crumb topping for Dan's Cherry Pie in here. I found these two and the Mennonite cookbook at Southworks Antiques in Cambridge, Ontario.

Hooked on Mixes: The Quick and Easy Guide to Homemade Mixes. It was published in 1983 in Kitchener, Ontario.

I found the Baking with Julia at an Antique Warehouse in St. Jacobs, Ontario. While looking through a shelf of cookbooks I spotted it and put back the other two I was going to buy.

Mennonite Community Cookbook: Favorite Family Recipes. It was first published in 1950. The fifth printing was in 1953. Without realizing I seem to be collecting Canadian Cookbooks.
In this book there are a few pictures: under one it says "These old favorites - Stuffed Pig Stomach or Dutch Goose, Scrapple and Pickled pigs' feet or souse. Dan was not to thrilled to try these. It does however have a lot of good old recipes in it about 1100 in total. This was also at Southworks Antiques, Cambridge, Ontario.

And I bought all these Canadian Living from Bibles for Mission Thrift Store, Brantford, Ontario.
There are about 20 of them.


Sarah said...

Wow, I'm jealous! I'm a cookbook collector too!

By the way, I tagged you for a meme over at my blog. Hope that's ok!

Hendria said...

Hi Sarah

:) a fellow collector. Very nice to meet you!!!

You tagged me...for a meme...that is ok...I will have to see what it is all about.

Anonymous said...


My mom wrote Hooked on Mixes - I remember her cooking and baking all of those things years ago. I googled it and was amazed to find it on your blog. Now that I have a small family I have actually started using some of the mixes in it - the bread, cookies and puddings especially. If ever you use it I'd be interested to hear about it!
All the best -

Hendria said...

anonymous...I will for sure write about the cookbook on here. I will actually get it out this week and take a good look at it. Nice to meet the daughter of the author....:)

Anonymous said...

Great! And don't worry, I am thick skinned, so I am open to criticism! Last weekend I made chelsea buns for a brunch and they were a big hit (and they always tend to be). I've never been able to produce things as quickly as my mom did, but I'mm hoping that will come with practice.


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